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line numbers, @sc

From: Karl Berry
Subject: line numbers, @sc
Date: Sun, 4 Jan 2004 18:08:10 -0500

Hi Torsten --

Glad @acronym looks ok for you now.

1) I've noticed line numbers in error messages being off by one, but not
different line numbers in different output formats!  Please do send an
example, I bet Alper would like to fix it :).

2) The new @ref warning is going to go away anyway, but it is a bug that
it was fatal in XML.  I don't understand.  If it also happens for the
same warning with @xref, it needs to be fixed.

3) Is there an HTML tag meaning small caps, or is CSS the only way?  I
can't find any tag for it.  If that's right, then I agree with your


Date: Sun, 04 Jan 2004 23:50:17 +0100
From: Torsten Bronger <address@hidden>
To: address@hidden (Karl Berry)
Subject: Re: Acronyms in HTML


address@hidden (Karl Berry) writes:

>     and say ./bootstrap (or autoheader or aclocal) it always
>     reports that configure.in is missing.
> Hmm.  It's been named configure.ac for a while now -- same as in
> the savannah source tree.  What version of autoconf do you have
> installed?  It needs to be the latest, 2.59 ...  (Ditto automake
> 1.8 and gettext 0.13.1.)
> Thanks for trying, regardless.

I mixed up my office and my home computer.  So finally I found the
one with the proper auto... versions.  Sorry for that.

On the whole it did what I expected, in both dvi and html.  The
acronym thing has become very nice.  However I saw two unrelated
other issues:

* I saw wrong line numbers in makeinfo warning messages.  In my

  - makeinfo --html said "line 567"

  - makeinfo --xml said "line 542"

  - plain makeinfo said "line 544"

  - Emacs said "line 543"

  If this is new to you, just tell me, then I will create a minimal
  example for you.  (By the way, it was a warning about a @ref not
  followed by `.' or `,'.  This is fatal for --xml [you need
  --force], but not for plain and --html.  Why?)

* @sc should become <span class="smallcaps"> in HTML, with
  span.smallcaps { font-variant: small-caps } in the default CSS


Torsten Bronger, aquisgrana, europa vetus

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