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Re: line numbers, @sc

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: line numbers, @sc
Date: Mon, 5 Jan 2004 14:00:12 -0500

    (a TAB?)
Ok, tab works in both Info and M-x info, but again I think the bizarre
resulting spacing would actually be more distracting than a period.  I
don't think a comma is right because, grammatically, the author didn't
write a comma there.  I'm open to other opinions ...

In my experiments, I found that a simple one-argument @ref{foo} works
all the time, no matter what is following.  Apparently the :: in "*Note
foo::" is enough for the readers.  

However, with a two-argument @ref{foo,bar}, it's a different story.
Only a period, comma, or tab following worked, out of the things I
tried.  Not space and not newline.  See attached file (contains a tab

I did not find any differences between Info and M-x info.

So, I think the algorithm can be:
1) If a one-argument @ref{foo}, simply insert the usual "*Note foo::"
with nothing following.

2) If a multiple-argument @ref{foo,bar}, insert "*Note bar:foo." with a
period following.

If anyone else has time and inclination to test this, please do, to
check that I didn't get confused somewhere along the line.


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