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Re: Updated gendocs_template

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: Updated gendocs_template
Date: Thu, 8 Jan 2004 14:46:54 -0500

Hi John,

Thanks for working on the revised and modernized template, but I don't
think XHTML should be used by default.  I don't have any real
statistics, but I feel like there are far too many people still using
older browsers for that.

As for the bottom text, which seems the other principal change, I
actually messed with that text because I didn't like the verbosity and
redundancy in the original.  I did make a couple of changes to it just
now after seeing your version.

If there's a way to make a version that satisfies both XHTML and regular
HTML, I'd like to see it.  My understanding is that XHTML is not
backward compatible, unfortunately, so that something as simple as <hr>
is no longer allowed, and <hr/> doesn't work as regular HTML.  (Which
seems like an utterly irrational language decision to me, but anyway,
that's a different story.)  We went through some pain with this with
makeinfo's HTML output for the GCC folks, and ended up backing out all
the attempts at XHTML due to such incompatibilities.


P.S. Of course anyone is welcome to use any template they like.  I'd be
happy to put your version in the distribution as an XHTML form for
anyone who wants it.

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