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makeinfo function execute feature

From: joseph
Subject: makeinfo function execute feature
Date: Mon, 19 Jan 2004 08:33:02 -0500

The gnu emacs info mode supports a lisp function execute feature upon 
displaying an info
node.  This feature requires placing the "execute:" keyword after the end of a 
node and
before the beginning of the next node.  For instance, if the lisp function to 
be executed
is the function "run-test", then the node that causes it to be executed can end 
with the line

^_execute: (run-test)^L

The makeinfo tool does not have any command built in for putting this construct 
into the
output stream.  I have carefully reviewed the version 4.6 texinfo code to see 
that the
makeinfo/node.c file that puts out all of the occurances of the ^_ char into 
the output
stream has no context in which it can be followed by the above "execute: 

Whenever I use the node execute, I am prevented by makeinfo from keeping a 
single source
file for interactive and printed versions of the info file.

It would be nice if makeinfo were modified to add a command for inserting a 
execute  attribute after the end of a node.

PS:  This feature is not documented in the info manual, but the emacs info mode 
code definitely includes looking for and running any execute attributes after 
the end of a
node.  I have used this feature for a long time.
Joseph Patterson
VLSI Design Tools
P.O. Box 378
W. Boxford, MA 01885-0378

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