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makeinfo bug in converting subsections

From: Yoshinori K. Okuji
Subject: makeinfo bug in converting subsections
Date: Mon, 26 Jan 2004 00:35:09 +0100
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I got this report about the online manual of GNU GRUB:

On Sunday 25 January 2004 22:51, cr wrote:
> (By the way, the 0.93 HTML manual has a minor bug - all the way from
> "How to boot an OS directly with Grub' on down, large chunks are in
> bold type. And the reason seems to be, many headings are tagged like
> this: <h3 class="subsection">How to boot an OS directly with
> GRUB</h4>

I made this HTML using gendocs.sh which executed "makeinfo --no-split 
--html". As far as I see, makeinfo always converts a section to 
<h3>foobar</h4>. I haven't seen the source code of makeinfo yet, but I 
suspect that a template format is wrong.

BTW, I use Texinfo 4.6 on Mandrake Linux 9.2.


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