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Re: Is @caption mature?

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: Is @caption mature?
Date: Tue, 24 Feb 2004 09:30:28 -0500

    the result is not as good 

We haven't worked much on the output yet, just been happy to have it
working at all.  I'm glad you tried it out.

    On text output, there is an additional empty line, 

That blank line above the caption seems desirable to me, to separate the
caption from the float contents.  You don't think so?

    and an increased loss of text width:

I will buy that @float should not by itself indent its contents more.
Alper, is that what's happening?

There is still a problem, though -- @example by itself indents a certain
distance, which is more than the paragraph indentation.  Thus, the
caption will be indented differently than the @example text inside the
float.  (This is true in the TeX output too.)  I don't know what we can
do about that.

    For HTML, the output is not better either IMHO:

What I see is too much space below the float.  Is that what you mean?
The output there looks like:

  <p><strong class="float-caption">File ...

I think the <pre> environment just always has a lot of space around it.
I can't think of anything to do :(, except maybe css magic.  Removing
the <p> from the beginning of the caption didn't help.

    And finally, the TeX output is nice, but I miss the bold face.

And Arnold wanted slanted for his captions.  I might introduce some way
to change the font style for (parts of) the caption, but in general,
this is Texinfo, you don't get to control the typesetting :).

    I suppose the message are just debugging?

No, you're missing an @setfilename.

    is ok by makeinfo, but not with TeX (i.e., the @caption is directly
    inside @example):

I think makeinfo should give a warning for this too.  @caption belongs
to the @float, it shouldn't be inside anything else.


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