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Re: Cross references to floats in TeX

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: Cross references to floats in TeX
Date: Thu, 4 Aug 2005 20:54:04 +0200

    Captions of floats are able to create cross-references when processed with
    `makeinfo', but not with TeX (or `texi2dvi').

Thanks for the report.  Here's a patch that I think solves the immediate
problem (at least on your test file), although I am not sure it's really
the best solution in general.  Stepan, please see my comments in the
patch -- wdyt?


*** texinfo.tex 10 Jul 2005 17:39:02 -0000      1.196
--- texinfo.tex 4 Aug 2005 18:02:06 -0000
*** 6670,6673 ****
--- 6670,6681 ----
+         %
+         % seems like we need to list every single command, as a long
+         % caption might well contain environments, etc.?  Or maybe this
+         % should be done in \commondummies?
+         \let\xref=\relax
+         \let\pxref=\relax
+         \let\ref=\relax
+         %
          % since we read the caption text in the macro world, where ^^M
          % is turned into a normal character, we have to scan it back, so

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