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Re: extra blank lines from @ifset inside @example

From: Bob Wilson
Subject: Re: extra blank lines from @ifset inside @example
Date: Mon, 10 Oct 2005 11:36:52 -0700

On Oct 7, 2005, at 5:53 PM, Karl Berry wrote:

     a proper fix

Could you try out the following tiny change?  It worked for me in some
simple test cases, but I haven't gone beyond that, so I didn't check it
in yet.

It seems to break something(s).  Now I get the following errors:

as.texinfo:2935: @item while not in a list environment
as.texinfo:2944: @item while not in a list environment
as.texinfo:2951: @item while not in a list environment

These lines in the source are preceded by something like:

@table @strong
@ifset true-variable
@item named sections
@end ifset
@ifset false-variable
@itemx text section
@end ifset
Item description here.

If I comment out the second conditional, those particular error messages go away, but there are more. I'm having a very hard time pinpointing the conditions that cause the remaining errors, but many of them appear to involve @ifset/@ifclear inside of @menu. The behavior is strange, though. For example, there is a menu with 2 entries outside of conditionals followed by 2 entries that are ignored because they are inside @ifset; if I add a 3rd conditional entry guarded by an "false" @ifset, then it dies with:

as.texinfo:3424: This command can appear only in environment @menu, not out of any environment
as.texinfo:3424: Extra @endgroup

(where line 3424 has "@end menu").

Hopefully that is useful feedback and will at least give you a clue of what is going wrong. If not, I do some work on narrowing it down later.


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