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Re: Bug reports for texinfo (and 2 wishes)

From: Norbert Preining
Subject: Re: Bug reports for texinfo (and 2 wishes)
Date: Wed, 2 Nov 2005 10:07:57 +0100
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Hi Karl!

On Fre, 28 Okt 2005, Karl Berry wrote:
> Thanks Norbert.  I will review these as soon as I have a chance.

I know that there are 1000s other things, no hurry.

> For the reports which say "do I want an example", yes, of course I want
> an example :).  I don't care how big it is.  It's nearly impossible to
> debug without something I can run the programs against.

Ok, here we go

37515   bookmarks of pdf files in appendix are wrong
This bug report first only was about pdf bookmarks jumping to a wrong place.
You did inplement this later on, and it is working everywhere *BUT* in
the appendix! There clicking on the bookmark in xpdf/acroread goes to
the bottom of the page, or even the wrong page.
(Example exist, if you want I send it to you)

Attached is the file 37515.texi. If you create a pdf from it and
look at it with xpdf or acroread, *making the window very small*, then
you can observe the following behaviour:
. clickling on a bookmark (left pane in xpdf/acroread) in the first
  chapters/sections brings you *exactely* to the right page *and*
  location of the page
. but clicking on an entry at the end (the blabla umpf etc) does bring
  you only to the right page, and even this does not work in any cases:
  "Bla, blah, blah" jumps to the right page at the top
  "Bzoiiiing" "pouet" too brings you to the top of the first appendix
  "Mpffff..." brings you *ALSO*! to the top of the appendix page,
        although it is actually on the next page
        (this could be related to the error 276000 see below???)
  "Bon..." brings you to the right page, but the top
I hope this helps tracking down this issue

276000  Wrong page number in table of contents
In the bug report there is a simple file which produces wrong page numberings,
the entry is one page off.

Attached is a file 276000.texi which exhibits this problem. It may be
that the wrong jump in the previous example is a consequence of this

146133 and 151850       Matching vs. Searching
If you take a info file which is split into different files, and there
is a node containing a `.', jumping to this node does not work.
I checked this with 4.8 and it is still present there.
(I have a rather long example here, if you want I send it to you)

Here we have some very strange problem: I don't know wether you are
interested in taking a look at this. The problem is that the *INFO*
files are *generated* from html pages, not via texi files. THe actual
road is:
        TeX Document -> latex2html -> HTML Document -> python script
                -> info files
I assume that the generation of the info files contains a bug.
BUT: the emacs info reader actually *can* jump to the 
        "Matching vs. Searching"
node. So either the emacs-info reader add some kind of magic or there is
a problem in info.

If you wish to take a look (would be great), the info files are on the
www.tug.org server in my homedirectory, subdir 146133, ie

Best wishes


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