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Appendix numbering

From: Fritz Jetzek
Subject: Appendix numbering
Date: Mon, 07 Nov 2005 11:35:12 +0100


I think appendix numbering could be improved in TexInfo: If only a
single appendix is used in a document, that appendix is numbered and
appears as "Appendix A" in contents and structure. For all documents
that only contain a single appendix this is not very intuitive; an
unnumbered appendix would be nicer then.
Of course one can build an appendix with @unnumbered etc. but then
commands like @appendixsection will have to be replaced as well. I
suggest to only number appendices when there's more than a  single

Also, using @appendix and @appendixsection will correctly build and show
document structure (also table of contents is fine) but the header line
in the appendix always reads "Appendix A:", without the respective
appendix subsection following (as one would expect from the behaviour of
chapters with their subsections appearing in the header).

Just two minor issues but I wanted to note them down somewhere =)

Best wishes,

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