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Re: Gripes with "info" Command

From: Dave Jarvis
Subject: Re: Gripes with "info" Command
Date: Sat, 01 Apr 2006 17:17:41 -0800
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Standalone info was implemented perhaps 15 years ago as a clone of Emacs
Info, which itself dates back to before the GNU project existed.  If

Perhaps there should be a motion to sundown it?

What I cannot stand is the whole "for more details on this command see the info pages." I have tried that on a couple of occasions. I usually wind up quite frustrated.

man pages, for those in the know, are incredibly useful, often extremely well written, and undoubtedly succinct.

BTW, I completely agree with you about "help" doing something
reasonable.  Sigh.

Who would be best to talk with about implementing such an idea?


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