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pdflatex called instead of latex

From: Oliver Kullmann
Subject: pdflatex called instead of latex
Date: Tue, 4 Apr 2006 14:54:36 +0100
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I'm using

> xemacs -version
XEmacs 21.5  (beta21) "corn" (+CVS-20050720) [Lucid] (x86_64-suse-linux, Mule) 
of Mon Sep 12 2005 on lrupp1

under Suse Linux 10.0.

When opening a .tex-file which has the lines


in it (since it *documents* usage of latex) xemacs opens this file
in pdflatex-font, and runs pdflatex on it, which is the wrong
choice --- it should just run the standard, that is, latex on it.

This kind of "intelligent behaviour" shouldn't exist in free software (which 
let the user decide, and shouldn't force "doing the right thing" on the user).
On my laptop, where I have Suse 9.2 installed, the above bug doesn't show up.
I would propose that for future version either the text is properly scanned, or
the above "intelligent" choice of pdflatex is disabled.

Meanwhile, is there a line I can put into the file to specify that this is 
"latex", not
"pdflatex" ?

With best regards

Oliver Kullmann

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