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Re: General complaint about GNU's preference for "info" versus "man"

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: General complaint about GNU's preference for "info" versus "man"
Date: Sun, 23 Apr 2006 18:25:32 -0500

    an explicit requirement in the file format (ie in texinfo.texi), and
    not only in the GNU Coding Standard.

An Invocation node should certainly not be a *requirement*, plenty of
Texinfo documents don't describe programs, after all.  However,
mentioning it in texinfo.txi, and referring to the GNU standards, could
only help.

    Right, the least invasive possibility is to write a new section in
    texinfo.texi explaining how to structure a node (and a couple of
    subnodes if appropriate) that comprise a manpage by and large.

Another thing that could only help.  Would someone like to volunteer?
Otherwise I'll put it on my ever-lengthening list.

No matter what we do, though, I don't think Info/Texinfo will ever make
man devotees happy.  Even for manuals where the authors wrote the
equivalent information, and even if it's found properly by info --usage,
the result doesn't look like man, doesn't read like man, and generally
just isn't man.


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