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How to install images with *.info files?

From: Simon Josefsson
Subject: How to install images with *.info files?
Date: Sun, 27 May 2007 16:16:52 +0200
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Hi!  We received the bug report below recently.  The problem is where to
install images that is used by the info manual.  I couldn't find any
hints about this in the manual.

Where should images be installed?

Does it work well to create a sub-directory $PROJECT under $infodir and
put the images there?

Having a example in the manual on how to do this, if it turns out to be
non-trivial, would be useful.


Simon Josefsson <address@hidden> writes:

> Andreas Metzler <address@hidden> writes:
>> Hello,
>> this was reported by Kevin Ryde <address@hidden> in
>> <http://bugs.debian.org/423577>. gnutls' info docs refer/include a
>> couple of png-images, however make install does not install them.
>> Since installing a file of the generic name "internals.png" directly
>> into /usr/share/info might result in conflicts with other software
>> using a dedicated subdirectory (gnutls/) seems to be the way to solve
>> this.
> How to deal with this properly is probably something that could be
> discussed with the texinfo maintainers and/or gnu-hackers, I'll forward
> the question.
> /Simon

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