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Headings with pdftex seems wrong

From: Louis-Simon Houde
Subject: Headings with pdftex seems wrong
Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2007 16:46:43 -0400


I'm a newbie with texinfo so maybe the answer is obvious.  Sorry if
this is the case.  Sorry also if my english is not that good :)  I
coud help though to make French doc!

Enough apologies now here is the fun part :)
I use pdfetex to produce my pdf output on Windows with TexLive2007.  I
have a problem with the headings not indicating good chapter.  For
example, chapter 4 begins on page 2 but it appears also in page 1

I tried to run pdftex on my linux box and I have the same problem.  If
I fill the space with sentences, it is ok.

I will attach the texinfo source and the pdf output.  The documents
are in French, I hope you are not too afraid!  It's not that bad, the
numbers are the same :).

Any clue?

Thank you for your patience and taking time to answer my question.


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