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the defaults for `info`

From: Benno Schulenberg
Subject: the defaults for `info`
Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2007 12:47:48 +0200
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Karl Berry wrote:
> [...] I'm not sure we can feasibly [make] info.texi
> completely standalone.  I wouldn't want to repeat all the info in
> the Emacs manual, [...]

That may be the price to pay for pushing info pages plus an info 
reader into the hands of unsuspecting GNU users.  The alternative 
is to also provide good and complete man pages with all GNU 

> To be honest, I think Emacs Info is a far superior reader, and
> certainly much more actively maintained, to anything standalone
> Info is ever likely to be, whether you use Emacs for anything
> else or not.

Surely one cannot expect people to have Emacs installed just to look 
up the precise description of an option now and then?  If the full 
documentation is only available as info pages, then at least 
provide an info reader that behaves as much as possible as the most 
popular pager: PageUp and PageDown should by default be bound to 
scroll-backward and scroll-forward, and not to the page-only 
varieties, scroll-step should default to 1, cursor-movement-scrolls 
should be On, and at-end-of-document should be Stop, ...

Karl Berry also wrote:
> My only suggestion is that the default
> be the same as whatever Emacs Info does in the same case.

Users of Emacs are unlikely to use `info` to read info pages, I 
should think, and if at some place they must use it, they won't 
mind having to add the option --like-emacs to set all keys and 
variables to values they know.  The standalone info reader is 
there primarily for people who don't use Emacs, and therefore 
should behave by default like something these people are likely
to know.


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