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Re: Unconditional use of LC_MESSAGES ISO C extension

From: Juan Manuel Guerrero
Subject: Re: Unconditional use of LC_MESSAGES ISO C extension
Date: Sun, 2 Sep 2007 20:16:57 +0200
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Am Samstag, 1. September 2007 23:22 schrieb Karl Berry:

>     Here a small djgpp specific patch to fix minor issues.  They are
> Unfortunately the patch didn't apply due to (I think) CR/LF issues.  Can
> you just send me the new file (gzipped or something to avoid corruption)?

The patch only modifies config.bat and this file must have CR/LF or it will
not run with the shell (command.com) of DOS/WINDOWS.  I send you
a .tar.bz2 file containing the patch and the modified config.bat file.
Use the appropriate one.

> For that matter, if you wish, I'd be happy to add you to the group in
> savannah so you can make changes to the djgpp files directly.

OK with me.

Juan M. Guerrero

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