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documentation for texinfo-mode doesn't match defaults for emacs22

From: Tyler Smith
Subject: documentation for texinfo-mode doesn't match defaults for emacs22
Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2007 14:15:12 -0300


The info manual for texinfo contains a section on using texinfo-mode
in emacs. However, the listed keybindings do not match the defaults in
Emacs22. An excerpt from the relevant section of my keybindings and
the installed documentation follows.

I'm using Debian Testing, with Emacs22 compiled from source. Is this a
problem with the documentation, or have I messed up the keybindings



M-RET           address@hidden
C-c C-e         Texinfo-environment
C-c C-j         address@hidden
C-c C-s         Texinfo-insert-node
C-c ]           address@hidden
C-c SPC n       address@hidden
C-c C-u C-a     texinfo-all-menus-update
C-c C-u C-e     texinfo-every-node-update
C-c C-u RET     texinfo-make-menu
C-c C-u C-n     texinfo-update-node
C-c C-u m       texinfo-master-menu
C-c C-c         TeX-command-master

compared to the documentation, where C-c C-c is used for everything:

`C-c C-c c'
`M-x address@hidden'

`C-c C-c d'
`M-x address@hidden'

`C-c C-c e'
`M-x address@hidden'

`C-c C-c i'
`M-x address@hidden'

`C-c C-c k'
`M-x address@hidden'

`C-c C-c n'
`M-x address@hidden'

`C-c C-c o'
`M-x address@hidden'

`C-c C-c s'
`M-x address@hidden'

`C-c C-c t'
`M-x address@hidden'

`C-c C-c v'
`M-x address@hidden'

`C-c C-c x'
`M-x address@hidden'

`C-c C-c {'
`M-x texinfo-insert-braces'

`C-c C-c }'
`C-c C-c ]'
`M-x up-list'

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