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Re: links in html within a page

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: links in html within a page
Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2007 18:09:47 -0500

Hi Graham,

    I get an index.html which contains links to:

If I'm understanding right, those links are for the @contents.  I think
you're going to have to build the toc yourself, given your unusual

@section, @unnumberedsec, etc., don't generate anchors because the
anchors are generated for nodes.  Texinfo is built around nodes, and
you're (I presume) intentionally not using them, so plenty of problems
are going to result.

In this input:
    @anchor{link me two}
    @unnumberedsec link me two
makeinfo has no clue that the @anchor has anything to do with the
@unnumberedsec.  As far as it's concerned, the anchor is just a random
construct at the end of the "link me" section.

    It would be nice if the @section command 
    also produced such an anchor tag.

Same as above.  Why don't you want to use a @node there?

    to replace all @node/@subsection commands with 
    @anchor/@unnumberedsubsubsec commands

@anchor is simply not a replacement for @node.

    but after much user consultation we decided to split the lilypond
    manual HTML into chapter/sections, but not subsections.

Far be it from me to question Lilypond users and developers, but this is
entirely baffling to me :).

Anyway, so what are you really trying to accomplish here?  Why are you
even using @unnumberedsubsubsec?  If you just want a heading within a
section, then use @subsubheading, which won't start a new sectional
unit.  On the other hand, if you do want a new sectional unit, doesn't
that go against your own self-imposed restriction of nothing below
"@section"?  I don't get it ...

I know the Lilypond manual has many exceptional needs.  I've always been
impressed and glad that it uses Texinfo at all.  Perhaps it's time for
the manual should be recast into another form and the PDF/HTML generated
from that, along with a "normal" Texinfo file (using @node!) for those
who actually read the Info output.  Just a thought ...


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