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Re: building pdf documentation of glibc-doc-reference

From: Norbert Preining
Subject: Re: building pdf documentation of glibc-doc-reference
Date: Sat, 29 Sep 2007 22:01:32 +0200
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Hi Karl,

one user reported a problem when building the documentation of libc with
texi2pdf. I narrowed it down to the following minimal example:
        \input texinfo
        @setfilename test.info
        @deftypevar {(} e )
        Hello World
        @end deftypevar

Which breaks with
/home/norbert/bla/manual.texi:3: Unbalanced parentheses in @def.
@badparencount ...{Unbalanced parentheses in @def}
                                                  @global @parencount =0 

(The original typedef was:
@comment GNU
@deftypevar {void (*} error_print_progname ) (void)
If the....

Is this a bug of texinfo, of the libc texinfo file, or should we simply
upgrade texinfo.tex (which is old I know: 

Thanks a lot and all the best


Dr. Norbert Preining <address@hidden>        Vienna University of Technology
Debian Developer <address@hidden>                         Debian TeX Group
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