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Re: [bug #21457] Remove obsolete translation

From: Kjartan Maraas
Subject: Re: [bug #21457] Remove obsolete translation
Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2007 13:16:56 +0100

ma., 29.10.2007 kl. 12.07 +0000, skrev Bruno Haible:
> Follow-up Comment #4, bug #21457 (project texinfo):
> Hi Benno,
> The files have been renamed in the TP, but the package maintainers
> have not been informed.
> Let's take an example: In
> http://translationproject.org/latest/gettext-tools/
> we have an nb.po and no no.po.
> But in the gettext CVS there is still an no.po and no nb.po.
> I did not receive a notification about the change at the TP
> site, therefore I did not change anything in the CVS.
> I think what is needed is a mail from the TP coordinator to the package
> maintainers of the packages
> affected by http://translationproject.org/obsolete/no/ .
Maybe the TP should send a notification to all maintainers of packages
carrying the obsolete no translations then?


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