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localisation of 'info' not working

From: Benno Schulenberg
Subject: localisation of 'info' not working
Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2007 00:06:55 +0100
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Localisation of 'info' isn't working in a UTF-8 locale.  This is 
apparently intentional, judging from this ChangeLog entry:

  2006-08-13  Alexander E. Patrakov  <address@hidden>

      * info/man.c (get_manpage_contents), info/info.c (main):
      Info apparently assumes equivalence of bytes and characters,
      leading to (for example) translated man output in multibyte
      locales being broken within a character.  In lieu of a
      real fix, if MB_CUR_MAX > 1, revert to C.  bug-texinfo mail,
      07 Aug 2006 14:59:42 +0600.

(The referenced email is this one:
The two links in that mail are broken, and I haven't found where 
they should point to.  Especially the first one would be 
interesting, with screenshots showing the problem.)

If this bug is so serious that it warrants disabling localisation 
for 'info' completely, then just about the whole translation of 
texinfo is useless (because UTF-8 locales are slowly becoming 
ubiquitous in distros) and texinfo should in my opinion be removed 
from the Translation Project, to not let translators do pointless 

But when I remove the 'if MB_CUR_MAX > 1...' statement, the Dutch 
and Spanish localisations are working fine for me.  (But then, those 
languages don't need many multibyte characters, and I wouldn't 
think of using 'info' to read man pages.)  Can't a solution be found 
to switch off localisation only for specific languages or only when 
showing man pages?


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