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Re: localisation of 'info' not working

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: localisation of 'info' not working
Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2007 19:37:44 -0600

    The two links in that mail are broken, 

I guess LFS managed to break their archive url's.  I couldn't find them
either.  Maybe Alexander could tell us.

    texinfo should in my opinion be removed 
    from the Translation Project

That would be extremely discouraging.  Even on that path, there is still
makeinfo and install-info ...

However, hopefully it won't be necessary to debate that, because I guess
I agree both

(a) with your implication that occasional multibyte character breakage
    (especially in man output) isn't worth disabling translation
    altogether (I did not realize this was the implication; for that
    matter, UTF-8 was not as ubiqitious even a year+ ago as it has
    become), and also

(b) your second suggestion:

    or only when showing man pages?

sounds doable enough, although I don't know any way to test it.

Sergey, Oleg, anyone, maybe info xmlwf (or something) has multibyte
character breakage (see url above) in, say, a Cyrillic UTF-8 locale?

    Can't a solution be found to switch off localisation only for
    specific languages

Well, I myself have no idea how to determine which language causes the

Actually figuring out how to handle UTF-8 in Info is beyond me.  If
someone else wants to tackle it, that would be great.  I've put it on
the TODO list.


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