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Re: Problem with makeinfo --xml

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: Problem with makeinfo --xml
Date: Tue, 10 Feb 2009 17:33:59 -0600

Hi Sandip,

Thanks for the detailed bug report.

    I am having trouble converting the texinfo GDB manual to xml. Please
    let me know if this is a known issue.

I don't recall seeing it before.

    $ makeinfo.new --xml gdb.texinfo 
    gdb.texinfo:4284: warning: undefined flag: 

Perhaps @set GDBN was never executed in the case of XML output?  I
haven't looked at the gdb manual in a while but I recall it being pretty
hairy in these matters.

More likely, though, it's just a bug in --xml; looks like it's doing the
expansion wrongly and considering "<item>\nGDBN" as the name of the
flag, instead of GDBN.

    @table @code
    @item nostop
    @value{GDBN} should not stop your program when this signal happens.  It may
    still print a message telling you that the signal has come in.

My suggestion is to get the CVS version of texi2html
(www.nongnu.org/texi2html), which can also output the same --xml as
makeinfo, and see if it works properly.  (Maybe the very latest
texi2html release also can, I'm not sure; Patrice?)

We plan to replace the C makeinfo implementation with texi2html in the
next release, so that's the place to test/fix.


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