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Re: restraining @center location and add other centering environments?

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: restraining @center location and add other centering environments?
Date: Sat, 14 Feb 2009 18:42:06 -0600

    This means that using something like @centeritem or @centertab instead of
    @item @centeredtext{Some text centered}
    is preferable? 

What's the application for centering an item?

    This would be consistent, for example with
    @centerchap versus normal @chapter (or whatever corresponds with
    @centerchap and is not centered).

@centerchap was a mistake and should never have been implemented, IMHO.
I feel that way about @center itself, actually.

As you know, Texinfo was never intended to be a general-purpose
typesetting program like (La)TeX.  It makes stringent requirements on
the input and gives little control over the output.  This is by design.

So, any additional output formatting commands need justification for why
people actually need to do that in a real-life manual.  I haven't seen
any for centering.

Contrast this with, most recently, @raggedright, where Werner gave a
clear case where it's actually needed: if a paragraph contains lots of
long/unbreakable words and justification is doomed to look awful.

Thus, I am not inclined to do anything with texinfo.{txi,tex}.  OTOH, it
is ok with me if texi2html continues to accept what it has always
accepted in this regard, even if that differs from makeinfo and


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