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Texinfo support for Icelandic

From: Arni Magnusson
Subject: Texinfo support for Icelandic
Date: Wed, 18 Mar 2009 22:58:25 -0000 (GMT)
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Hi there,

Please find attached txi-is.tex, my attempt to provide Texinfo support for

Alas, it looks like the Icelandic character eth, {\dh}, crashes texi2dvi.
As indicated in the header comment, I copied as much as possible from the
LaTeX 'babel' package.

Maybe Texinfo/TeX is simply not able to render the Icelandic character
thorn (þ) and eth (ð). In case it's relevant, the following LaTeX example
renders beautifully with the 'cm-super' package installed:

Það er nú það.

I also tried replacing every {\dh} with a plain d (this is never done in
Icelandic printed material) and was happy to see "Efnisyfirlit" instead of
"Contents". The "Index" heading, on the other hand, will always be in
English, it looks like.

None of the above is written in a complaining tone, but rather to describe
the issues regarding Texinfo support for Icelandic. The manual I'm writing
now is in English, but I would be happy to use Texinfo for writing
Icelandic software manuals for my students in the future.


Arni Magnusson

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