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Re: Texinfo support for Icelandic

From: Arni Magnusson
Subject: Re: Texinfo support for Icelandic
Date: Wed, 25 Mar 2009 01:24:27 -0000 (GMT)
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Attached is an updated version of txi-is.tex. I called the first version
1.0 and this 1.1, but feel free to use different numbers. This version has
two changes:

  - í is rendered with \'{\dotless{i}} instead of \'i
  - cross references use bls.{} instead of bla{\dh}s\'i{\dh}a

Two questions for you, Karl:

1. The abbreviation bls. in cross references should not be followed by
extra space. I achieved this using bls.{} with empty braces, but feel free
to replace this with a more proper way, if one exists. By the way, I'm
using the abbreviated bls., since Icelandic writers would never spell out
"blaðsíðu" (in dative) for cross references in the Texinfo style.

2. Can you add the hyphenation support again? That was a nice addition.



On mán, mars 23, 2009 1:10 am, Karl Berry wrote:

> Hi Arni --
> Glad it's working!
> I realized we can also support Icelandic hyphenation patterns (at least
> when using etex from TeX Live 2008).  I'll add the command to txi-is.tex.
> Should \lefthyphenmin and \righthyphenmin both be 2 for Icelandic?
> That's what babel seems to think ...
> Thanks,
> karl

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