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Re: Converting texinfo comments to HTML comments

From: Jan Nieuwenhuizen
Subject: Re: Converting texinfo comments to HTML comments
Date: Tue, 21 Jul 2009 10:10:34 +0200

On ma, 2009-07-20 at 21:04 -0700, Graham Percival wrote:
> On Mon, Jul 20, 2009 at 02:38:13PM +0200, Reinhold Kainhofer wrote:
> > In our lilypond docs, we have several texinfo comments, most notably the 
> > git 
> > revision of the texinfo document

> better done as a macro; that way, we can retain our
> non-git-revision-number comments as "private"
> It's easily done with:
>   @macro htmlcomment{TEXT}
>   @html

Sweet and simple!  Just run

   pytt '(?ms)address@hidden(.*?)address@hidden ignore(.*?)(address@hidden 
macros.itexi)' 'address@hidden address@hidden@end htmlComment\2' $(find . -name 
'*texi' -o -name '*tely')

at your convenience.


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