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Improving CSS and classes in output html

From: Patrice Dumas
Subject: Improving CSS and classes in output html
Date: Tue, 8 Sep 2009 22:48:55 +0200
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I have gathered the things I find problematic regarding classes in html
output (of texi2html and makeinfo), with some proposals, please comment.

When there is one, I put the associated css style on the right.


For navigation bars in the makeinfo style, there is:
div node
The counterpart in texi2html style is in table, but has no class.
I don't like this naming, I find it confusing, I think that 'header'
would be much better.

When the @node node name is used to construct header (rare but possible)
texi2html uses:
h3 node
I don't like this either, and propose using 'node-heading'.

for list without bullet, in texi2html. This is very badly chosen.
Maybe no-bullet?
ul toc                              list-style: none

@top and @centerchap are 'unnumbered' (also in xml). I think that it is
wrong, it should simply be 'top' and 'centerchap'.

In texi2html centerchap also has align="center" which looks good to me.


The following is a list of classes that I don't find problematic, either 
unique to texi2html or common with makeinfo. 

Please tell if you are not happy with these and tell if you'd like to 
have more classes, also please tell if you are aware of more makeinfo
classes that look good.

May not be in makeinfo or slightly different

for @subtitle
h3 align="right"

For summary letters in indices
a summary-letter                   text-decoration: none

When whole menu is in a preformatted environment
pre menu-preformatted              font-family: serif
For the menu text between menu entries
pre menu-comment                   font-family: serif

When title consists in @settitle or @shorttitlepage:
h1 align="center" class="settitle"
Same in makeinfo without align.

table menu
makeinfo is
ul menu

table index-cp index-*
ul index-cp index-*

div float
dl listoffloats
pre verbatiminclude
blockquote smallquotation     font-size: smaller

Same than makeinfo

pre verbatim
pre example display...
        display format                 font-family: serif
        smalldisplay smallformat       font-family: serif; font-size: smaller
        smallexample smalllisp         font-size: smaller
table cartouche
small dots
small enddots
div contents shortcontents
div footnote
h? unnumbered chapter appendix...,
h1 settitle
h1 titlefont
span sansserif                      font-family:sans-serif; font-weight:normal
span roman                          font-family:serif; font-weight:normal


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