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Re: macro bug in CVS makeinfo

From: Werner LEMBERG
Subject: Re: macro bug in CVS makeinfo
Date: Thu, 30 Dec 2010 05:03:09 +0100 (CET)

>     I'm going to make a new groff release, and I know no workaround
>     of this problem.
> Sorry, but please remind me of the real problem here?  I take it you
> can't use the original (released) makeinfo for some reason?

Well, I can, more or less, but it is a pity that Patrice's texi2any
has inherited this very bug from makeinfo.

> In general, the groff manual uses macros in more ways, and more
> complex ways, than any other manual I've ever seen (by an order of
> magnitude or so).

Maybe.  However, this complexity is mainly the result of circumventing
texinfo bugs.  Having an unbalanced @{ as an argument to @deffn is not
such a strange assumption, is it?

I'm recommending since years to use groff.texinfo as a testbed for
texinfo development.  There are a lot of test manuals in the CVS
repository, but groff.texinfo isn't.

> Since macros are such a touchy and ill-defined subject in the
> Texinfo language, I expect problems with particular versions of the
> tools will always be there.

Honestly spoken, I'm not happy about this fatalistic attitude.

>     Given that more and more GNU/Linux distributions start to use
>     the CVS version of texinfo,
> I was unaware of that.

Oops!  Checking again, this was a wrong accusation.  I've somehow
managed to install CVS makeinfo in /usr/bin.  Sorry for the noise.


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