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@uref breaking again

From: Karl Berry
Subject: @uref breaking again
Date: Wed, 9 Feb 2011 19:14:07 GMT

I committed a new version of texinfo.tex to Texinfo CVS which allows
breaking within @uref again.  I haven't yet pushed it anywhere else,
pending someone else besides me trying it.

I also added the simple command
@urefbreakstyle after|before|none
to allow breaking before the special characters as well as after
(or not at all).

Werner: can you please try this out?  (make groff.{dvi,pdf} ran ok for
me, but I didn't peruse the output.)

Patrice: can you please add that to the other translators as a no-op
(except in XML, maybe), a la @kbdinputstyle?  Thanks.  (Oh, I just
realized I forgot to add it to the dtd.  Will get to that.)

Oleg: if you could look at the new implementation (uses only active
chars, no \scantokens), that'd be great.


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