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[bug #11700] rfe: diagnose references which produce wrong title in pront

From: Karl Berry
Subject: [bug #11700] rfe: diagnose references which produce wrong title in pronted output
Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2011 17:49:48 +0000
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Update of bug #11700 (project texinfo):

             Assigned to:                    None => pertusus               


Follow-up Comment #2:

(James, if you have any comments or corrections, please say, of course.)


After thinking about this a little, I think there are two separate things
that could be done:

1) warn about any existing third argument of an xref that doesn't match the
corresponding first-argument node name.  I.e., for manuals that don't always
use the three-argument form but when they do, the names should match.  (I
believe the Texinfo manual itself falls into this category.)  Example:
@xref{mynode,, My Nodr}  @c typo in third arg
@node mynode
@section My Node

2) warn about xrefs lacking a third argument where the first-argument node
has a nontrivially-different corresponding section name.  Example, continuing
the above:

(As I understand it, that's what James is trying to achieve with his

In the Texinfo manual, I don't always use the full section name in third
args, because the full section name can get very long, so as to be descriptive
in the main text.  Example:
@section @code{@@anchor}: Defining Arbitrary Cross Reference Targets
I would use just @xref{anchor,,@code{@@anchor}} for this, since all that
extra text would just get in the way (IMHO).

If an xref is to an anchor rather than a node, or a node outside the current
manual, I think there are no warnings to give.

I expect that few manuals manage to follow either of these rules perfectly,
and third-arg xrefs can in theory be entirely independent of section names, as
shown in the examples in the Texinfo manual.  (Whether it's ever actually
useful for them to be so completely independent, I'm not so sure.)

So, I think maybe these should be enabled via a new command:
@warnings xrefthirdwrong,xrefthirdmissing




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