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Re: [bug #11700] rfe: diagnose references which produce wrong title in p

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: [bug #11700] rfe: diagnose references which produce wrong title in pronted output
Date: Fri, 11 Feb 2011 02:09:49 GMT


[Just too painful to keep replying in savannah.]

    Maybe instead of warning when the third argument is different from the node
    name, it would be better to use the section name as third argument
    automatically when there is no third (nor second in makeinfo) argument.

I don't think it should be done by default.  That would be a radical change.

    recall well this is done like that in texi2html (at least with some
    options, I haven't checked exactly). 

Yes, I also seem to recall that there is an option for this in

    Could TeX also do something along?

Yes.  In fact, there is already a "secret" option to do so (predating my
taking over Texinfo maintenance):
@set xref-automatic-section-title
I haven't tested it in years, but it has "always" been in the code.

Maybe we should make it (or something) official, and James could use
it to avoid having to retype all the section names.

    I don't like warning about typos part of the language.  

I surely won't insist, but it's really warning about an inconsistency.
I don't see a big difference in principle between warning about
@xref{badnodename} and @xref{foo,,badsectiontitle}.

    Doing an external document checker would be right,

Especially if there is more to check than this one thing ...


I was thinking there might be other optional warnings to add in the future.


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