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Re: texinfo not cross compiling

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: texinfo not cross compiling
Date: Sat, 3 Sep 2011 22:16:55 GMT

    I have tried various ways on my system which is a derivative of CLFS
    and the ROCK linux project.

The only thing that is special about Texinfo and cross-compiling is the
need to build some of the tools with the native compiler.  Below is what
we have in configure.ac.  I've never attempted cross-compilation myself,
so don't have any good advice.  Sorry.


# We need to run some of our own binaries, most notably makedoc, but as
# long as we have this process, we also use our own makeinfo and
# install-info.
# This means that if we are cross compiling, we have to configure the
# package twice: once with the native compiler (this is done in a
# subdirectory $native_tools), and once with the cross compiler.
# The former is invoked automatically here, with --host=$build.
# $native_tools is also added to SUBDIRS in the main Makefile.am,
# so that make compiles the native tools first.
if test "$cross_compiling" = no; then
  test -d "$native_tools" || mkdir "$native_tools"
  confdir=`(cd "$srcdir";pwd)`
  # Make sure the secondary configure won't fail with
  # "error: source directory already configured".
  rm -f config.status
  AC_MSG_NOTICE([[Doing configure of native tools (${build}).]])
  cd "$native_tools" || exit 1
  # Run secondary configure in alternate environment or
  # it gets the wrong CC etc.
  # env -i gives this build host configure a clean environment;
  # consequently, we have to re-initialize $PATH.
      PATH="$PATH" \
      tools_only=1 \
    ${confdir}/configure --build=${build} --host=${build} \
                         --disable-rpath --disable-nls
  cd .. || exit 1
  AC_MSG_NOTICE([[Continuing with main configure (${host}).]])

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