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Re: dtd version

From: Patrice Dumas
Subject: Re: dtd version
Date: Sun, 9 Dec 2012 04:05:46 +0100
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On Sat, Dec 08, 2012 at 10:27:30PM +0000, Karl Berry wrote:
>     <!DOCTYPE texinfo PUBLIC "-//GNU//DTD TexinfoML V4.12//EN"
>       "http://www.gnu.org/software/texinfo/dtd/4.12/texinfo.dtd";>
> Evidently yes, thanks.
> Patrice, although this is easy enough to fix in
> tp/maintain/catalog.xml.in, even with automatic substitution of the
> version number, I'm not sure if that's what you want to do.  Do your
> tests ignore the dtd version somehow (hopefully)?

Yes and no.  The dtd in the output XML is set to 
<!DOCTYPE texinfo PUBLIC "-//GNU//DTD TexinfoML V4.12//EN" 
so it is not totally ignored.  If the dtd changes, the test results 
should be updated.

Also, although this is not run in any test automatically, I run xmllint
sometimes to check the validity of the files produced.  For that, of
course, the DOCTYPE in the outputs and in the dtd file should
correspond.  I use those lines to run xmlindent (they are at the
beginning of tp/TODO):

export XML_CATALOG_FILES=~/src/texinfo/tp/maintain/catalog.xml
xmllint --nonet --noout --valid commands.xml

It is for this manually run check that I need tp/maintain/catalog.xml.in
to have the correct value.  So having the version more centrally defined
and substituted in maintain/catalog.xml.in, as well as in texi2any.pl to
have it correct for Texinfo/Convert/XML.pm (it is currently hardcoded)
would certainly be a plus.

What do you propose?  Use a substitution in configure.ac?  Weirdly
(but certainly correctly) there is nothing in util/texinfo.dtd that 
tells the DOCTYPE that is defined.  So the only places where the version 
number should be changed right now is tp/maintain/catalog.xml and in 

In any case, the dtd is so different from the 4.12 that a new
version would certainly be correct.


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