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[bug #40277] makeinfo now rejecting unknown commands in comments

From: Patrice Dumas
Subject: [bug #40277] makeinfo now rejecting unknown commands in comments
Date: Tue, 15 Oct 2013 17:21:20 +0000
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Follow-up Comment #1, bug #40277 (project texinfo):

This is indeed a change with respect to makeinfo 4.13, as in makeinfo 4.13 the
meaning of @ in @tex was unspecified, and, in practice, ignored.

Now, we explicitly take into account @-commands in raw environments (and we do
not treat @tex differently from other raw block environments (@html...), nor
from @inlineraw{format, ...} brace delimited raw environments). Therefore,
even if the block content is not output afterwards, the @-commands are taken
into account when going through the block, as the block is never ignored when
processing the document (in contrast with @if*, @ignore blocks) -- though it
is in general ignored when outputting the result.

This is in fact documented, though very briefly, in the "Raw Formatter
Commands" node:

  The first raw formatter command is '@tex'.  You can enter plain TeX
completely, and use '\' in the TeX commands, by delineating a region
with the '@tex' and '@end tex' commands.  All plain TeX commands and
category codes are restored within an '@tex' region.  The sole exception
is that the '@' character still introduces a command, so that '@end tex'
can be recognized.  Texinfo processors will not output material in such
a region, unless TeX output is being produced.

Later in this node it is reemphasized:

  In all cases, in raw processing, '@' retains the same meaning as in
the remainder of the document.  Thus, the Texinfo processors recognize
and even execute, to some extent, the contents of the raw regions,
regardless of the final output format.  Therefore, specifying changes
that globally affect the document inside a raw region leads to
unpredictable and generally undesirable behavior.  For example, giving
the '@kbdinputstyle' command inside a raw region.

Two possibilities to fix that issue are escape @ with @@, use texinfo comments
in @iftex rather than @tex comments.


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