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[bug #42897] texi2any does not bark at incorrect menu entry, and makes e

From: Vincent Belaïche
Subject: [bug #42897] texi2any does not bark at incorrect menu entry, and makes erroneous info output
Date: Sat, 02 Aug 2014 18:44:33 +0000
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Follow-up Comment #2, bug #42897 (project texinfo):

The EMACS info viewer is not consistent in the way as it handles the space
after `:'. If this is the last entry in the menu like `* Mon entrée:Mon
noeud.' in [file#31824  temp1.texi] and resulting [file#31825  temp1.info],
then the space is not a problem.
Now, if it is *NOT* the last entry, like `* Mon entrée:Mon noeud.' in
[file#31826  temp2.texi] and resulting [file#31827  temp2.info], the viewer
does not handle the entry properly.

Following the comment by Gavin that the viewer needs a space after `:' in
order to allow colons in label names, I fully agree that it is legitimate to
desire the possibility to have a colon in a menu entry name or node name,
especially if you document some SW where colon as some syntaxic meaning (like
in C++, or even in emacs-lisp for constant symbols). However the viewer trick
does not look as a good idea.

It would be better if there was some colon escape command in Texinfo, like
@comma{}, @{, @} and @@ for other special characters, and that this colon
escape would be used in place of colon when it is part of the node/label name.
Maybe a @string command would be more concise for escaping `,' and `:', i.e.
you would write address@hidden, world: I'm happy.}' instead of address@hidden
address@hidden I'm address@hidden', assuming that @colon{} and @period{} are
the two new commands for inserting a colon and period respectively in menu


PS: see info nodes      `(texinfo) Inserting a Comma', `(texinfo) Inserting a
Backslash', `(texinfo) Inserting a Hashsign', if you are not convinced that
what I am suggesting is already the rule for other characters with a special
meaning in some special context.


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