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Re: [bug #43042] Texinfo manual typo and improvement in info node 'Node

From: Vincent Belaïche
Subject: Re: [bug #43042] Texinfo manual typo and improvement in info node 'Node Line Requirements'
Date: Fri, 22 Aug 2014 00:05:06 +0200

Gavin Smith a écrit :
> On Thu, Aug 21, 2014 at 6:22 PM, Vincent Belaïche


>> = Clarifying _References_ =
>> Furthermore, what _References_ means it a bit ambiguous. I understand that it
>> means references in the texinfo manual source code, and that it is one of the
>> following:
>> * a @ref, @xref, or @pxref
>> * a menu entry
> It could also be a "node line pointer" I suppose (i.e. Next, Prev or Up).
> I don't think it is actually the case that references should use
> normalized whitespace. For example, there is the following in the bash
> manual, node "Shell Operation":
>   3. Parses the tokens into simple and compound commands (*note Shell
>      Commands::).
> Here we have a newline and initial line indent in the middle of the
> node name "Shell Commands", but following this cross-reference works
> fine.

Ok, I will forward this information into the EMACS info viewer bug report.

>> = Node title =
>> Title speaks about "node line", but the scope of the node is wider, it is
>> about node names in general, not only within a node line. I am not sure 
>> wether
>> it is wise to change the node name because it may be used for reference
>> elsewhere, but the section title should be about '@node' Line Requirements _,
>> and node naming_.
> I think it means the requirements for the line of the Texinfo source
> starting "@node", not a "node line" in the sense of the first line of
> a node in a Info file (beginning "File:...").
That is the way I also understood it. What I was meaning is that the
content of this node does not concern only what you have in the @node
line, because the last sentence is:

  *References to the node* should all use that name, with no leading or
  trailing spaces a single internal space.

I understand the term "References to the node" as anything that can be a
node reference that is to say:

* Up/Previous/Next pointers in the node line
* @ref{...} and suchlikes
* menu entry

The first item in this list concern the node line, but the two other
not: this is just for these two other items that I am saying that this
node is not only about node line.

But maybe I am simply just not understanding correctly what "References
to the node" means.


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