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New Issue with makeinfo

From: 马伦
Subject: New Issue with makeinfo
Date: Sat, 23 Aug 2014 13:28:14 +0800

Hi again, bug squashers,

This is a new issue, unrelated to the August 19th report.

I think there may be a logical parsing error in the following circumstance:

When a '@w{TEXT}' packet extends beyond the 'fill-column' limit, then if there is a word break ahead of the packet on that line, then logically, the entire packet should wrap to the next line. This was the case in makeinfo v:4.13, but not in v:5.1.

The documentation says that “'@w{TEXT}' outputs TEXT, while prohibiting line breaks within TEXT.”

To me, this means that the entire packet should be processed as if it were a single word.

What do you think?

What might give a clue is that there is an inconsistency in parsing a '@w{TEXT}' packet at the end of a line, as shown in the example with plain text contents. This could indicate that the same parsing sequence is happening in more than one place, and that they don't match, OR that a search for a word break is (inappropriately) happening within the @w{}.

I have included a simple test file that encloses an xref and then some plain text within the '@w{}' to demonstrate these problems.
See lines 101-118 of bug_report.texi

Sorry I can't help with the Perl, I'm only an embedded-systems guy. :-)



“You will do foolish things,
  but do them with enthusiasm.”

--Sidonie Gabrielle Colette

Mahlon R. Smith (马伦 )

Associate Professor, Foreign Languages Department
Beijing University of Technology
Email: address@hidden

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