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makeinfo bug

From: 马伦
Subject: makeinfo bug
Date: Mon, 25 Aug 2014 09:42:16 +0800

Good Morning,

Sorry to be a pest, but better me than someone who has money riding on the results.

makeinfo v:5.1:

There is a formatting error for the: @heading, @subheading and @subsubheading commands.

These commands generate underlining similar to the @section commands, but can be used

anywhere and don't show up in the table of contents.

These commands work fine when they are at the top level, but when used inside an indented structure, the underlining begins at the left margin instead of at the beginning of the heading text.

You might want to also check any other commands which are allowed inside indents and which generate underlining to verify that the underlining begins in the right place.

I have included a simple test file that demonstrates the problem.
See lines 95-112 of bug_report.texi



“You will do foolish things,
  but do them with enthusiasm.”

--Sidonie Gabrielle Colette

Mahlon R. Smith (马伦 )

Associate Professor, Foreign Languages Department
Beijing University of Technology
Email: address@hidden

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