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@ref in @multitable broken in Info output if split across lines

From: Gavin Smith
Subject: @ref in @multitable broken in Info output if split across lines
Date: Wed, 3 Dec 2014 20:22:48 +0000

If makeinfo produces a cross-reference in a table in the Info output
and the text for the cross-reference is split across lines, then it is
not possible to follow the cross-reference. For example:

Chunk name                First definition point
<Check for more than      See *note Check-for-more-than-one-initial::.
one initial>
<Set up 'fields' array    See *note
with the data>            Set-up--code-fields--array-with-the-data::.
<Store the data for the   See *note
line in the 'Data'

Here is a multitable with three lines with cross-references in the
second column. The cross-reference in the first line is followable,
but in lines 2 and 3 they are not. The cross-reference text for the
second row should be "*note
Set-up--code-fields--array-with-the-data::", but it gets the text from
the first column as well, leading the Info viewer to look for a node
called "with the data>

This could be fixed if makeinfo always put the text for a
cross-reference on a single line in a multitable, although that would
break the column widths sometimes.

Test files are attached.

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