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Re: @quotation and @indentedblock in html and DocBook

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: @quotation and @indentedblock in html and DocBook
Date: Wed, 17 Dec 2014 22:42:54 GMT

I am aware that W3C wants everyone to use CSS for everything, but my
experience with what works best is different, and I don't think it's a
good idea to just do things because W3C says so.

Using basic HTML tags like <blockquote> that have been around since the
early years, even though W3C does not like them, is what has proven to
work best with the most people for the most browsers in the most
situations.  It is irrelevant that W3C wants to get rid of them, because
in practice browsers cannot remove them without breaking a substantial
proportion of the web, which would presumably result in their losing all
their users in short order.

Thus, I think the time to use CSS is when, and only when, the necessary
effect cannot be achieved at all without it.  As we do now with
font-family:inherit for example.

(BTW, does lynx/etc. render CSS?)

    It is not just @indentedblock; all of preformatted block commands,
    like @example, also are output as a <div> and indented with CSS.

But it seems to me that Per's point is that @indentedblock in Texinfo is
just like @quotation except indented only on the left instead of both
margins.  So it makes sense for them to be output using the same tag.
People certainly (ab)use @quotation in Texinfo just like <blockquote> in

Neither of these are "preformatted" blocks.

FWIW ...


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