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Re: txi-ca.tex missing in texinfo repository

From: Walter Garcia-Fontes
Subject: Re: txi-ca.tex missing in texinfo repository
Date: Mon, 2 Feb 2015 19:19:16 +0100
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* Karl Berry, address@hidden [31/01/15 00:53]:
> Walter and all -- first, in txi-ca.tex, it seemed better to use
> \dotless{i} than \char16, and also there was an erroneous \char{16} in
> one case.
> More interestingly, I defined 00b7 in UTF-8, and made the definition (in
> Latin 1 too) use \cdot instead of $^.$.  I also defined a bunch more
> "easy" characters in the latin blocks, many suboptimally, but that's
> what we can do here.
> To my eyes, unfortunately, the superscripted period has the better
> positioning for Ldot and ldot, but \cdot has the better weight.  I could
> play around with kerning and such, but I will await your views on
> whether that is worth the trouble.
> My simple test file below (for texinfo.tex only, won't go through makeinfo).
> Karl
> \input texinfo
> @setfilename catalan.info
> @documentlanguage ca
> @node X
> @chapter chap
> Hello. @xref{X}. @thistitle
> @U{013F} @U{0140}
> @bye

Thanks Karl, I'd like to try it and see how it looks. How can I get
your txi-ca.tex? And can I throw it in my texinfo installation or
should I try it from a clone of the development branch? 

I have texinfo 5.2.0 in my system.

Walter Garcia-Fontes

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