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Re: Accented characters problem

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: Accented characters problem
Date: Wed, 29 Apr 2015 21:08:01 GMT

    Latest texinfo.tex doesn't deal well with accented characters 

The change below seems to fix this; at least the output from your test
file seemed ok.  Oddly, I did not get the exact error messages you did,
even with the same texinfo.tex, but the gist seemed clear.

    Ligatures AE (code point 00C6 Latin Capital letter AE) and OE (code 
    point 0152 Latin Capital Ligature OE). Their lowercase 
    version(respectively 00E6 and 0153) eats the following space.

Please send an example.  The test file attached below that I made up
does not eat any spaces to my eyes.  If it was in your test file, sorry,
I didn't see it.

Thanks again for the report.  --karl

--- texinfo.tex (revision 6228)
+++ texinfo.tex (working copy)
@@ -9836,6 +9836,17 @@
+  %
+  \defstringchar^^80\defstringchar^^81\defstringchar^^82\defstringchar^^83%
+  \defstringchar^^84\defstringchar^^85\defstringchar^^86\defstringchar^^87%
+  \defstringchar^^88\defstringchar^^89\defstringchar^^8a\defstringchar^^8b%
+  \defstringchar^^8c\defstringchar^^8d\defstringchar^^8e\defstringchar^^8f%
+  %
+  \defstringchar^^90\defstringchar^^91\defstringchar^^92\defstringchar^^93%
+  \defstringchar^^94\defstringchar^^95\defstringchar^^96\defstringchar^^97%
+  \defstringchar^^98\defstringchar^^99\defstringchar^^9a\defstringchar^^9b%
+  \defstringchar^^9c\defstringchar^^9d\defstringchar^^9e\defstringchar^^9f%
+  %

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