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Re: texinfo-6.0.90 pretest

From: Norbert Preining
Subject: Re: texinfo-6.0.90 pretest
Date: Tue, 22 Dec 2015 20:08:46 +0900
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Sorry, again me,

I answer some of my questions ..

>  test_scripts/coverage_formatting_fr.sh
>  test_scripts/layout_formatting_fr_icons.sh

These two tests succeed when I make a French locale *available*
but not set by default.

>  test_scripts/formatting_documentlanguage_set_option.sh

This error remains, and contains the following diff:
 -  Ce document a &eacute;t&eacute; g&eacute;n&eacute;r&eacute; <em>a sunny 
day</em> en utilisant <a 
 +  This document was generated on <em>a sunny day</em> using <a 

So I thought that it might be the LANG setting, so I activated the
LANG=fr_FR.UTF-8 and redid the checks - with the effect that tests
in install-info started to fail with other translation errors.



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