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Re: texinfo-6.0.91 pretest

From: Ken Brown
Subject: Re: texinfo-6.0.91 pretest
Date: Tue, 5 Jan 2016 17:15:35 -0500
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On 1/2/2016 8:53 AM, Eli Zaretskii wrote:
Cc: address@hidden, address@hidden
From: Ken Brown <address@hidden>
Date: Sat, 2 Jan 2016 08:31:26 -0500

-XSParagraph_la_LDFLAGS=-no-undefined -avoid-version -module 
+XSParagraph_la_LDFLAGS=-no-undefined -avoid-version -module 
$(PERL_CONF_cccdlflags) -L$(PERL_INC) -lperl

I don't think it's correct to use literally "-L$(PERL_INC) -lperl",
although it might be in many installations.  The correct values should
obtained from "perl -V:<variable>", and I already provided the
variables that should be used here.  E.g., if the user has Active Perl
installed, like I do, the "-lperl" part should be replaced with
"-lperl520" (for Perl 5.20.X).

On Cygwin, "perl -V:libperl" returns "libperl='cygperl5_22.dll';", but
you wouldn't guess from this that you should use "-lperl" for linking
(i.e., the actual import library is libperl.dll.a).

That's an unfortunate choice by the Cygwin Perl maintainers, I'd say.
Why isn't the import library named libcygperl.dll.a or something

Moreover, on Posix hosts I'm not sure it's TRT to link against
libperl.a, as that's a static library, and Unix doesn't need import
libraries to link against shared libraries at run time.

Are you sure that using -lperl on Posix hosts would link against
libperl.a rather than libperl.so?  I thought the whole point of the '-l'
was so that the linker would choose the appropriate library, depending
on the context.

You may be right.  I think we need to talk to a Perl expert (which I
am not).

I think the Windows ports will have to use PERL_EXT_LDFLAGS when
configuring Texinfo.

I tested this on Cygwin by doing

   ./configure PERL_EXT_LDFLAGS='-L$(PERL_INC) -lperl'

and it worked. Is this what you meant? Or is there a way to set PERL_EXT_LDFLAGS on Cygwin by putting appropriate statements in configure.ac and/or Makefile.am? I made several attempts, but they all failed. My knowledge of autotools is pretty limited.


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