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Re: -no-undefined

From: Gavin Smith
Subject: Re: -no-undefined
Date: Thu, 14 Jan 2016 19:12:53 +0000

I'm inclined to add "-L$(PERL_INC) -lperl", with "-lperl" determined
from perl -V:libperl, with a special case for cygwin to change
"cygperl5_22.dll" into -lperl.

If the "-no-undefined" flag causes problems, anywhere else, removing
it would be indicated, as it's only needed for Windows. This likely
wouldn't be necessary though.

> I wonder if libtool has some magic switch that will result in it doing
> TRT.  Some special mode= mode, perhaps, or some switch to it?  Can
> libtool people help us out here?
> Thanks.

You could ask on the libtool list if you wanted, but the location of
the library with the missing symbols in it must be given somewhere.

I wondered how the ExtUtils::MakeMaker makefiles handled this problem.
I looked at the source code of the ExtUtils::MM_Win32 module (that's
the module for Windows; other OS's have their makefiles output
differently), but I didn't see anything that could help. A
complication is that we are not running the linker directly, but going
through libtool. In ExtUtils::MM_Win32 the static library is passed
directly as an argument to the linker, but that doesn't work for
libtool. I'm not sure exactly of the reasons, but it gives a warning
looking like

*** Warning: Linking the shared library XSParagraph.la against the
*** static library /usr/lib/libcle.a is not portable!

(That library was chosen randomly.)

The libtool manual does document that library dependencies for a
library should be given with "-l", so doing it that way should be

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