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Re: texinfo-6.0.92 make check has 12 FAILs on Solaris10 x86/x64

From: Gavin Smith
Subject: Re: texinfo-6.0.92 make check has 12 FAILs on Solaris10 x86/x64
Date: Wed, 20 Jan 2016 19:37:19 +0000

On 18 January 2016 at 12:07, Kiyoshi KANAZAWA
<address@hidden> wrote:
> On Solaris10 x86/x64,make check has 12 FAILs.
> % ./configure
> % make
> % make check
> has the following FAILs.
> FAIL: test_scripts/formatting_cond_info.sh
> FAIL: test_scripts/formatting_cond_info_no-ifhtml_no-ifinfo_no-iftex.sh
> FAIL: test_scripts/formatting_cond_info_ifhtml_ifinfo_iftex.sh
> FAIL: test_scripts/formatting_direntry_dircategory_info_split.sh
> FAIL: test_scripts/formatting_split_nocopying.sh
> FAIL: test_scripts/formatting_split_nocopying_split.sh
> FAIL: test_scripts/formatting_split_nocopying_split_dev_null.sh
> FAIL: test_scripts/formatting_simplest_test_prefix_info.sh
> FAIL: test_scripts/formatting_documentlanguage_set_option_info.sh
> FAIL: test_scripts/formatting_simple_with_menu_docbook_info.sh
> FAIL: t/stdout.sh
> FAIL: t/stdout_split.sh

Thank you for reporting this. Would you send the
tp/tests/test-suite.log file, please? This may have information that
indicates the reason for the failures. Please also, if you can, send
the contents of any files under tp/tests/formatting/diffs. Also, would
you run "t/stdout.sh" from within tp/tests, and post any output it

As you can see from the build reports at
https://buildfarm.opencsw.org/buildbot/waterfall?category=texinfo it
is possible to pass the test suite on Solaris 10, but the details of
your setup must be slightly different.

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