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Re: span class="nocodebreak" corrupting HTML

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: span class="nocodebreak" corrupting HTML
Date: Sat, 23 Jan 2016 23:26:41 GMT

    <a href="<span 

Clearly it's just a bug to insert the <span>, or anything else, inside
the href="" url argument.  Maybe that is all that really needs to be

I sadly don't remember what I did (if anything, as I claimed to P@) in
6.0, and I have to be offline for a couple of days starting in a few
minutes, so I can't look at it right now.

    Maybe it could be included within the parent element, like
    <samp class="nocodebreak">--date</samp>

I don't see the advantage.  (It also doesn't sound especially easy.)

    it if customization of the HTML output (and other) could be done
    outside of the Texinfo source instead of adding new commands.

The point is not to customize the output as such, but to reflect the
author's intentions, *as specified by the given Texinfo commands*, as
well as possible.  Just like we do something in the HTML for
@smallexample, and @blockquote, and @kbdinputstyle, and so on.

BTW, I can't say I know for a fact at this point whether the
  span.nocodebreak {white-space: nowrap}
that we output in the makeinfo HTML preamble actually has the effect of
disabling hyphenation.  I hope so.


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