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texindex's compiler's docs non-free

From: csh
Subject: texindex's compiler's docs non-free
Date: Wed, 17 Feb 2016 05:32:24 -0800 (PST)

texindex's compiler's docs non-free

GNU Texinfo includes non-free software.


1. Texinfo includes texindex.

2. texindex is written in TexiWeb Jr.

3. texindex's source code must be compiled with jrweave.

4. jrweave is not source code.

5. jrweave is output generated from compiling TexiWeb Jr.

6. TexiWeb Jr.'s source code includes non-free documentation.


7. In TexiWeb Jr, documentation and code comments are the same.

8. Source code with non-free comments is non-free.

9. TexiWeb Jr. is non-free.

10. The jrweave executable is in TexiWeb Jr source.

11. jrweave is non-free.

12. jrweave is texindex's compiler.

13. texindex won't build without jrweave.

14. texindex won't run without jrweave.

15. texindex won't run without non-free software.

16. GNU Texinfo won't function normally without texindex.

17. GNU Texinfo won't function normally without non-free software.

18. GNU Texinfo is non-free.

TeX is a literate program like texindex and TexiWeb Jr.  How did the
FSF handle the fact that you can't modify the English text inside TeX
source code in the past?  That ruling could clear out this issue.

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